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Write Your
Transformational Story  


Reveal events you or others experienced that changed your life, perspective, relationship, or career

Do you have an experience you need to process or heal? Or insights to share to prevent others pain? Or inspiration to share about the prevailing spirit within?  


Increase Your Confidence!

Find Acceptance and Forgiveness!

Know Your Power and Influence!

Exercise Your Resiliency!

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Expand Your Self-Worth!


Significantly Lessen Fear!


Decrease Anxiety and Depression!

Increase Your Zest for Life!

Hi, I’m Pamela Aloia, Author, Writing Coach, and Intuitive Consultant. I combine my skills to help people write from the wisdom of their soul, for healing, creativity, and more.


In my work, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many people who have been through interesting, sad, harrowing, and fascinating experiences…and seeing it through those experiences, that I feel many of these stories, once processed and healed on some level, have wonderful inspiration to  be shared.  


Yet many people feel overwhelmed with the idea of writing their stories, let alone sharing them. I’m here to spark your creative and your storytelling juices that flow within you, and support you in addressing the potential emotions that arise during the writing and, if you desire, sharing process.


I can help ignite within you a deeper level of healing and provoke understanding, perspective, and vision for those who read your story.

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Learn more about the Transformational Story Program
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Unite for Her participants receive discounted program services

Now is the time to share what you’ve experienced –

let your story be known.

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My workshops and coaching sessions help you:

  • stay organized and focused on writing

  • address the emotional surges that accompany writing about and sharing your story.

  • infuse your voice, perspective, and personality

  • maintain integrity and relate with your reader

Whether it was last year or 30 years ago – the world needs to know how you have uncovered your power and ingenuity to transform yourself, whether by choice or circumstance.

Transformational Story
Program Levels




  • Write your Transformational Story in a Day session

  • One (1) 1:1 Writing Consulting Session with Pamela

  • Write your Transformational Story in a Day session

  • Two (2) 1:1 Writing/Consulting support sessions with Pamela

  • Mapping/Outline of your Transformational Story

  • Author Writing/Editing Timeline

  • Feedback on manuscript of story

  • Write your Transformational Story in a Day session

  • Mapping/Outline of your Transformational Story

  • Author Writing/Editing Timeline

  • Four (4) 1:1 Writing/Consulting sessions with Pamela

  • Edited version of your Transformational Story

  • Simple book cover according to specs for the determined book size.

  • Account set up support and book publish or planned publish on

  • Option to be part of a collaboration book 

Connect with me and I’ll guide you through my writing method and program so your voice will be heard throughout prosperity.

Sign up to write your Transformational Story for your own personal benefit and freedom. Be held in Compassion and Grace

throughout the process.


Register for the Next

Write Your Transformational Story in a Day Workshop 

Online Saturday, May 18th 10am-4pm EDT

Skip Sadness ...Opt for Resilience

Ditch Helplessness ...Embrace Your Power


Face and Release Fear ...Live in Freedom


Move From Anxiety Expansive Self-Worth

From Concept to Completion - Unlock Your Story.

Your Idea...Your Writing...Your Book…PUBLISHED!

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